The first phase of this project involved converting the adjacent offices into the administrative base for The Robin 2 Club and a flat for the Club Manager. Given that the building is situated within a Conservation Area and that the adjacent buildings are listed, the work required careful liaison with the Conservation Officer and the Local Authority Building Control Inspector to ensure that all the details were authentic to the history of the building but also complied with current Design Standards and Building Regulations.

The second phase of the project involved a substantial enlargement of the existing Club from 400 seat capacity to over 700 seat capacity, together with the construction of enhanced bar facilities and a new restaurant.

A key feature of the project was to reinstate the original frontage to the building and replace the timber and glazed curtain wall, which had been added in the 1970’s. Again, the work required close liaison with the Local Authority Conservation Officer to ensure authenticity of the details.

As part of the renovation works, a lift was provided and other facilities installed to ensure full disabled access to the Club, allowing a compliance with the DDA Act.

The club’s owner is extremely satisfied with the project. See his press release.