The project at Victoria Bridge was primarily intended to replace the existing rotten timber decking with a modern mesh deck to promote free draining of the ballast material and improve the airflow around the upper steel members to reduce the level of corrosion occurring.

As this would necessitate full scaffolding of the structure, a decision was taken to also repaint the structure complete. The works required close co-ordination with the Severn Valley Railway in order to minimise the impact of the works on their operation. Liaison was also required with the Environment Agency, as the intake to a major waterworks is situated just downstream from the Bridge. The work also involved close liaison with English Heritage and the Local Authority Conservation Officer as the structure is listed.

The key constraint on the construction was the fact that there was no road access to the structure; indeed the nearest public road was some half a mile away. This meant that all access to the work had to be along the railway line. This relied on close co-operation between the contractor and the railway to ensure materials were delivered as required.

This project has won an award in the Institution of Civil Engineers Historic Bridge and Infrastructure awards for 2005, for its sympathetic strengthening and alterations to the structure.